How to Trade Damaged and Junk Cars for Fast Cash?

If you find yourself stuck with a damaged, old, or junk car and you’re looking to get rid of it for some quick cash, you have several options to consider. Getting the best value for your vehicle while ensuring a hassle-free process. Let’s look at how to sell your damaged car for cash, including car removal services and online dealerships.

• Sell it to a Junkyard
A standard option for getting rid of a damaged car is selling it to a junkyard. Junkyards specialise in buying cars with various issues and often pay you in cash on the spot. However, getting quotes from different junkyards can take time, they may not offer free towing services, and, more importantly, they may lower their offer once they have the car at their location.

• Trade it with a Dealer
Trading in your damaged car at a dealership is another option, and while it may seem convenient, as you can trade it in while buying a new car, the downside is that dealerships typically don’t specialise in damaged cars. Therefore, they may not offer a fair price for your vehicle, especially if it has no significant resale value. Furthermore, if your car doesn’t run, you may have to bear the towing costs, reducing your potential profits.

• Sell it to an Interested Buyer
Selling your car to a private buyer can yield a higher price, especially if your car model is popular and in demand. Online platforms like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are great places to find potential buyers. However, dealing with private buyers can be time-consuming, as you’ll need to qualify serious candidates and negotiate the price.

• Part Out Your Car
If you have the time, space, and mechanical expertise, parting out your car and selling its components can maximise your profits. This approach lets you sell valuable parts separately, earning you more money overall. However, be aware that parting out a vehicle requires significant effort and may only be suitable for some.

• Online Dealerships
The rise of online dealerships offers a convenient way to sell your car without having to search extensively. However, these dealerships might not provide car removal services for vehicles that don’t run or are outside their service area. Moreover, they may have specific criteria; if your car fails to meet them, you could receive a low offer below your expectations.

An Ideal Solution: Sell to Ozy Cash for Cars!
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Looking to get your car removed?
For getting fast cash for damaged and junk cars, several options are available. Each method has pros and cons, and choosing the right one depends on your priorities. If you want a stress-free selling process for your car, Ozy Cash for Cars is the way to say goodbye to your damaged car and earn some quick cash. For more, contact us today via email at or call on 0423 223 332.