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Sydney’s Number 1 Car Wreckers Service

Want a guaranteed Top Cash for Cars payment for your unwanted car? That can be hard to find, with many Car Buyers ranging in quality. Luckily, if you live in Sydney, Ozy Cash for Cars has you covered! We more than live up to our reputation as being a top contender for Sydney’s most trusted Car Removal service. Our Sydney Car Wreckers service gives locals who are tired of dodgy or time-consuming Car Buyers, a chance to Sell Your Car for Cash fast. To top it all off, included in our Cash for Cars service is Free Car Removals which are available at the drop of a hat Sydney wide

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No Car Is Out of the Question: Receive Cash for Cars in Any Condition in Sydney

At Ozy Car Wrecking & Dismantlers, we love cars! We love cars so much that we even pay top dollar for cars in terrible condition, and so give you the comfort of being able to Dismantler Your Car for Cash, no matter what happens to it.

Some vehicles that we purchase regularly include:

Ozy Cash for Cars – Your Trusted Auto Wreckers for All Makes & Models

We don’t have any preferences for makes or models and will provide accurate (and agreeable) Cash for Cars offers for whatever vehicle you show to us.

This includes:

Our Car Wrecking Service Is Available Sydney Wide for All Vehicle Types

Some services are only equipped with tow trucks that can handle small vehicles, but we are fully equipped with state of the art tow trucks that can handle vehicles of all sizes, even multiple cars at once. Our service is ready to help at any time and can be with you in an hour. Whether you want a same day service or speedy Vehicle Removal at a later date, you can count on Ozy CFC.

Some vehicles we often tow with our Free Sydney Car Removal service include:

Want an Sydney Car Wreckers Service that Can Be Completed in Under an Hour? You’ve Come to the Right Place

Our Car Wreckers service can be completed in minutes, including Instant Cash for Cars payment on the spot, completion of all the paperwork and the collection of your vehicle. We even provide Instant Quotes over the phone to make things even quicker for you.

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