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Are you overwhelmed with countless cash for car options in Sydney? Do not worry. Ozy Cash for Car is
here to provide you with the best price for your unwanted, scrap, non-roadworthy and even junk vehicles. In Sydney,
we are synonymous with trust, reliability and professionalism.
Ozy Cash for Cars stands out from the crowd for its reliability and services. We buy vehicles in their worst
conditions, whether they are flooded, damaged, broken, wrecked or have turned into scrap. We assure you a fair price
and an unparalleled stress-free experience.

Our commitment to values and customer satisfaction has established Ozy as Sydney’s leading
car-buying company. We prioritize customer satisfaction above everything. We understand that many customers get
duped in the course of selling their unwanted vehicles.

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    Therefore, at Ozy Cash for Cars, we maintain a transparent process and provide you with up to $9999 cash before towing away your vehicle. Hundreds of sellers vouch for our quick and reliable services.

    So, you must be thinking about how to get started. You can simply call us on 0423 223 332 and describe your vehicle condition. You can also fill up the form on our website. After the process, our friendly team will provide you with a no-obligation quotation without charging you a penny. You will receive assistance from our team throughout the car-selling process.

    After receiving the quotation, if you choose to sell your car for cash to us, our team will come to your place for a free-of-cost vehicle inspection. Later, agreeing upon the final quotation, the team will come to tow away your vehicle and give you cash before leaving. So, do not let the uncertainties of selling your junk car hold you back. Our professionals handle the old car sale with the utmost care, assuring fair prices and a seamless selling experience.

    Why Choose Ozy Cash for Cars?

    Ozy Cash for Cars is the safest, simplest and fastest way to sell cars for cash. Our team go the extra mile to provide exceptional car-selling experience to our customers. We have streamlined our processes to save our customers valuable time and free them from hassles. The entire vehicle selling process- from sending an initial quote to inspecting it and paying the full amount is completed in just 24 hours. For quick and hassle-free vehicle removal, call us now.

    A trusted name for buying all makes and models

    We do not play favourites when it comes to buying cars from different brands. We purchase all makes and models with equilibrium and provide satisfactory and accurate cash for cars offers for all. Popular or lesser-known, all brands get equally treated at Ozy Cash for Cars. Here is the extensive list of car brands we have accepted to date. Feel free to approach us even if your vehicle is not from the brands mentioned below.

    Our extensive list of accepted car brands includes but is not limited to:





















    Years of recycling have taught us that every car holds value regardless of its make or model. So, confidently sell your vehicles to Ozy Cash for Cars, as you will surely get the best deal for your
    unwanted vehicle. So, are you ready for a seamless and hassle-free car-selling experience?
    Contact us on 0423 223 332.

    The fastest way to get Srid of your unwanted vehicle

    When it comes to selling the car, time is of the essence. Therefore, our car buying process is designed in a way that you can sell your car for cash within 24 hours of receiving the first quotation. Yes, in 24 hours, you can get the car off your hands and replace it with a generous cash payment. So, here is the three-step process we follow for hassle-free car selling.

    Old car or smashed car, top dollars for vehicles in terrible conditions

    Ozy Cash for Cars sees value even in vehicles in terrible conditions, no matter how beaten or worn out. You can sell the cars you think have become a huge liability. From unwanted vehicles to junked relics and damaged, accident-ridden cars, we purchase them all at a fair price. So, here is your opportunity to turn the eye-sore of your driveway into hard cash with all the comfort and convenience you deserve.


    At Ozy Cash for Cars, we follow a simple 3-step process. After the customer fills up the form regarding the vehicles they want to sell, we provide them with an instant estimate for free. If they show further interest in selling, they can schedule a car inspection at their convenient time slot. Our team of experts will visit the client’s location to inspect the vehicle and provide the final quotation. If agreed upon, our vehicle removal team reaches the destination to tow away the car. But, before leaving, we hand the final amount to our clients. The entire process of selling your cars for cash is completed within 24 hours.
    Yes, we buy cars in any condition, no questions asked. From used, unwanted vehicles to wrecked, damaged, flooded, accident-ridden, broken and scraped, we buy cars in any condition one may think of.
    The vehicle’s value is based on its make, model, condition and market value. Ozy Cash for Cars offers a maximum of up to $9999 in cash. The amount is handed to the client before towing away the vehicle.