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Why We’re the Top Wreckers Towing Service in Sydney

Want free towing for your unwanted vehicle? Our friendly team at Ozy Cash for Cars will be more than happy to collect your vehicle with our Free Wreckers Towing service which is available anywhere in Sydney. Countless customers have come to us to collect their vehicle, whether it be from residential premises, commercial premises, on-road or off-road.
Wreckers Towing

We are Sydney’s chosen Car Wreckers, towing cars in all shapes, sizes and conditions every day for free. But there’s only one thing better than ‘free’ and that’s getting paid! In addition to Free Car Pickup, we’ll also pay you up to $9,999 Instant Cash for Cars, no matter what state your vehicle is in when you present it to us.
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What Does it Take to Be Sydney’s Top Auto Wreckers?

A lot of hard work! And an uncompromising dedication to providing unwanted car owners with an uncompromising service that provides honest deals, a fast ‘same day’ process and awe-inspiring workmanship.

To name only a few of the benefits of choosing Ozy Cash for Cars:

Ozy Wreckers Towing Is Bringing Trust Back to the Auto Industry

Trust is everything and its what our reliable Auto Wreckers service is founded on. Why take the risk with a dodgy auto wrecker when you can have the peace of mind of having your vehicle sold for top dollar with a fully licensed and certified Car Wreckers team? We can provide the relevant licensing for you if that’s what you wish, because we understand the importance of knowing you’re dealing with someone legitimate and honest.

Free Towing & Free Wrecking in Sydney for All Makes & Models

You might have heard how some Car Wreckers have a preference for certain auto brands, underpaying car owners whose vehicle isn’t to their ‘specialty’. At Ozy CFC, whatever make or model your vehicle belongs to, we’ll pay you the top Cash for Cars price it deserves without question.

This includes auto brands such as:

We Don’t Just Offer Free Towing for Cars but for Vehicles Large & Small Too

Our impressive tow trucks can handle vehicles of all types, even multiple cars. This includes:

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